Wednesday, March 28, 2012

55. Flim Forum Press presents } All Steel & a can of Pringles.

A kind of balance was achieved as Lori Anderson Moseman, author of All Steel, ate the Pringles chips Matthew Klane bought (at my behest) to catch the eye of prospective The Death of Pringle (THE DEATH OF PRINGLE!) readers / buyers. Her gusto, her robust appetite for junk food, sold many books at the AWP conference in Chicago, where Matthew and I released the latest from Flim Forum.

Justin Katko's The Death of Pringle is junk food of the gods, an ALL CAPS punk show flier libretto so ridiculous I can't in good conscience describe it here, where I am only ever serious. Suffice it to say The Death of Pringle ought to be read with green and pink Hi-Lite pens and a fizzing glass of cherry Coke.

An alternative / compliment, Lori Anderson Moseman's All Steel conducts the Flim Forum aesthetic.

For more useful information, chase this link, friend. Thank you.

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