Friday, October 7, 2011

46. Sweep up } for the author’s note.

Anna Eyre inadvertently caused A panic in man me. A cog in spin A spoke in wheel me is thrown out all windows me.

Poet Anna Eyre is this month’s featured poet for the Inescapable Rhythms series at Real Art Ways. Now hosted by Kristin Kostick, Inescapable Rhythms brings a writer to the microphone to read, then invites its audience to read. Rarely all at once. On our best nights, the power fails and we read by candlelight, or our guest says “train” and a distant whistle blows. Anna may or may not read from her chapbook are me, or she might read from her upcoming collection. Let’s all go to the lobby for wine, beer, soda, and snacks. Inescapable Rhythms happens every second Wednesday of every month. All are welcome to come listen, and to come read their poetry or prose. Anna and I may or may not work on our collaborative poem live during the open.

“A make sense this pulse they / all about not not given up an answer they / not sure the correct answer of they / not sure of these questions they / struggle round immeasurable rulers they / want A balance to make up they” [from Anna Eyre's “they”]