Monday, October 20, 2014

112. So these from Dido’s flock } came fluttering.

Wyrre Jimes spake: THROG SLUDGE. “The name ‘THROG SLUDGE’ comes from the poem ‘We Are Changing Our Name’ by MairĂ©ad Byrne. In archive on THROG SLUDGE is/are Michael Carr (ed. of A Book of Prophecies by John Wieners and Softer White from House Press), Chaterine Meng (The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century from Splitlevel Texts), MairĂ©ad Byrne (SOS Poetry from /ubu editions), and etc.

There, five “Dante poems” from the mysterious ms. The Rescue will appear, one a day, the first TODAY. To be clear, I wrote the poems. And I quote, from/of myself: “If God was our friend we would pray for you.”

[ Photo: RISD Library stacks. Wyrre Jimes here, also, sprach. ]