Wednesday, March 2, 2016

134. word for/word 27 } “Notes on” foliage, etc.

Read from—

“Soon the foliage around our house is made of mirrors.”
—John Gallaher and Kristina Marie Darling

“Close your eyes. Watch out. Invader. / Invader. That year was a long time ago. It’s happened. Air.”
—Elizabeth Witte

“Can you describe this valley of ash?”
—Anne Gorrick

Look at—

Scott Howard’s “Mere Bog” morse code.

Scott Helmes’ “Sonnet 26-II-14.”

All parts of Word for/Word 27, published late February, and including a selection from my poem “Notes on,” an erasure/collage piece. Another selection from “Notes on” will appear in an upcoming issue of DIAGRAM.

(“Soon the foliage around our house is made of mirrors.” ——that image, what pleasure I get thinking about it. Verdant mirror—they reflect the house, sky, sunlight, the viewer herself, in moving fragments.)

[ Image: "Notes on 11" (rescan) with new smudging. ]