Thursday, July 27, 2017

160. Found notes on } David Lynch’s “Boat.”

--> “At the start of the film boat, a voiceover appeared. That is a girl’s voice….” “When this voice talking… trying to cope with the flashbacks that she’s receiving.” “She woke up in a forest, the light was so bright that she couldn’t….” “…[W]e can see forest… we can see water….” “…[V]oiceovers they seem more knowledgeable about what’s going on in their lives during the moment and what point changed it forever. The women in Boats seems not to know anything about what happened to her prior and what is happening during the moment.” “She is tired and wants to sleep…. She begins to describe what are on the boat just like the string with strange shape.” “The film starts with a tree in a forest, the light is so bright that we can’t see anything clearly. …[T]here is too bright… the bright light changes into dark night….” “Then everything became dark, the girl’s voice appeared again, ‘boat still moving fast, I feel tired…’.” “The camera turned to the man and he said ‘It worked.’” “…[T]he story stopped with the picture of the moon. ... We want to see beautiful things….”

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