Thursday, January 14, 2021

220. On Bart Lodewijks at } Full Stop.

Among numerous other projects I undertook during the summer, I wrote a sequence of short essays concerned w/ art. Four of these (about Nancy Friese, Susan Schwalb, Harold Redicliffe, & Erin Johnson) I posted here at Little Stories. A fifth, “Bart Lodewijks’ Sligo Drawings: An Artist’s Book” was accepted by Full Stop; I forgot all about it until today—

[ Sligo imitation from porch ]

[ Sligo imitation from sidewalk ]

—— but here it is, published since November 12.

(A sixth essay, about Ellie Ga’s project North Was Here remains unpublished. The editors who read my essay found it too experimental. That’s fair.)

Above, photographs of my Lodewijks’ chalk art imitation made on the front walk in May.

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