Sunday, March 3, 2013

76. Boston AWP } two readings.

“This story happened before television ceased to be.”

Thursday, I’ll read from Color Plates at the CCTV studio in Central Square (438 Massachusetts Avenue). The reading begins at 6pm. Also reading for Rose Metal Press is Aaron Teet, from his chapbook Shampoo Horns. We’re sharing the space with readers from Les Figues, Anomalous, Gold Line and Tiny Hardcore Press. I’m a fan of Les Figues—they published Alta Ifland’s Voice of Ice, Matthew Timmons’ The New Poetics, Harold Abramowitz’s Not Blessed, etc.; books I admire all. I’m not familiar with the other presses, tho I’m intrigued by Liat Berdugo’s Everyday Maths from Anomalous.

At the Burren, an Irish pub in Davis Square, Flim Forum press will join eleven other little presses, including Stockport Flats and Instance, Saturday at 6pm. Presumably we’ll be screaming poetry over the din of the regulars. Perhaps appropriately—Matthew Klane and I will read a few poems by Paul Hannigan, to celebrate the release of The Problem of Boredom in Paradise, my selection of his poems.

"there are two outstanding unproved conjectures / 1 / 2 // here are answers the Diabolical cube / the only reader / John Horton"

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